AVA: Feel the Power of an AVAlanche!

Avalanche is a tremendous natural phenomenon, right? It starts with a small piece of snow, but it grows and grows as it progresses, and eventually, it goes till the end without interruption, destroying everything that comes before it. White and fascinating! The awe that this natural phenomenon has led to our minds is about to shake the world of the crypto same way: I present you, AVA!
The AVA project, which is the subject of this article, aims to bring an air of new perspective to the blockchain technology and crypto market, which is precious to many of us, and its features tell us that it will achieve this goal. Now let’s get to know the project a little more closely.

What is AVA?

First of all, if we want to define AVA briefly (and could be sure this is not so easy :)), we can say that it is a project created to provide an extremely fast, secure, scalable and flexible infrastructure for all types of blockchain-based applications. This is the essence of the project. However, these targeted features are neither targeted for the first time nor are they not available separately. Therefore, the expectation from AVA at this point is that it must show exactly what it promised. Can AVA do these? Let’s look together and go a bit deeper into it.

What is possible with AVA?

Now stop and think, what did the blockchain promise us in the first place? Firstly, the starting point was decentralization, scalability, speed and security. Over time, all the goals it put forward developed with it. Many different crypto projects worked for these purposes, and very serious projects and results came up to the surface of the world. However, one way or another, there were some fundamental problems with many of these projects.

The main purpose of AVA is to make it easier to put forward the elements that will achieve these goals, which are already present at the beginning, without any setbacks or errors. For example, do you want to do a completely decentralized application? AVA will provide you with the necessary ground. Is your goal to create your very own blockchain? You can do it completely in the AVA platform with a fluidlike way. Do you want to create a reactive application? AVA will provide you with the necessary infrastructure. Perhaps you would like a flawless and lightning-fast working payment gateway. The answer is on the AVA platform and ready however you want it to proceed! And don’t forget: Interoperability is the key word here!

Imagine an infrastructure through which a transaction takes less than 3 seconds to complete, which allows 4500 transactions per second, provides extraordinary effective energy usage, does not require hash rate with thousands of nodes, uses PoS protocol and has security threshold 80%! Make your own comparison and see the result!

That’s it! I hope you had the essence of the AVA project and understand why I chose such a caption for my article. Yeah, this will be an AVAlanche-effect from the beginning!

Thanks for your time!

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