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When it comes to crypto and blockchain, most people around the world think of nothing. Because the number of people aware of or using this enormous technology is significantly less than the population. But, on the other hand, it is a fact that this number is increasing day by day.

If you ask most people about the subject and answer the question of how the recognition and usage areas of crypto assets can be increased, most of them will say to you “They should be integrated flawlessly in daily life”. And in my opinion, this statement is quite correct. Many different projects are already running for this purpose, but Avalanche takes the target here one click further and offers you the blockchain-based infrastructure you just need. The safest, fastest, most scalable and flexible way ever possible!

Avalanche backed by

I wrote an article introducing you to the Avalanche platform before, and then I talked about what can be done with the Avalanche platform. You already know about Avalanche. Now, if you let me, I’ll talk about AVAX tokens, which will play a blood role in the functioning of the circulatory system of Avalanche.

AVAX Native Token

First of all, I have to mention that AVAX is a native token. It will have a limited supply of 720 million in total, and at the time I wrote these lines, there are approximately 2 days left for public sale. I don’t have to say that there is great interest, I observe.

● Initially, 360 million AVAX will be available, the rest will be minted as staking rewards.

● While the total supply goes towards the 720 million limits, AVAXs, which will be used as fees in the operation of the entire system, will be burned at regular intervals. Thus, inflation will be limited and operation will be made more stable.

● To know more, please check this token paper here!

The features I mentioned here are only related to AVAX. Take a look at my other articles about the great opportunities offered by the platform as well.
The interest in the Avalanche public sale organization is tremendous. Without my observation, I wouldn’t simply write it here but it’s the truth. Then, let’s talk about a little public sale event.

AVAX Public Sale

The public sale event will start at 10.00 (UTC-4) on July 8th and continue until 10.00 (UTC-4) on July 22nd. There will be three different models of sales.

● The first one will present vesting to open at certain intervals in 1 year and is limited to 25k dollars. The selling price in this section is $ 0.5 / token.

●The second option has no quantity limit and will unlock tokens in a total of 1.5 years. The selling price is again $ 0.5 / token.

●If you want to buy tokens unlocked, you can get a maximum of $ 5k and the price will be $ 0.85 / token.

For more detailed information, you can look here.
If you want to participate in the token sale, just visit here.

Yes, I’m done here for now and I’m watching the future of this great project carefully. Because it is too bright! :)

Thank you for reading.

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