Battle of Nodes: We Are on the Verge of a Remarkable Turning Point

Everyone involved in crypto knows that one of the most important moves for a crypto project is to switch to its mainnet. A project with its network means an achieved autonomy. On the other hand, the transition to this network must be as perfect as possible, as well as having the project’s network. As my own experience, I would like to say that I have watched many good ideas went through to garbage due to mainnet failures. Or, there are several projects in the market that haven’t been so potent, but in a good position because of the success of their network.
So, to be a flawless project, both the idea behind it must be wonderful and this idea must be working perfectly in its network.
Elrond is great on an idea basis as a blockchain-based crypto-asset project. And it aims to be as flawless as possible for the mainnet launch, one of the most important moves on the road map recently.
For Mainnet, Elrond has determined three basic and essential conditions. The first two of these, the pre-staking and audit activities have been completed with an outstanding succes (you can check them in the articles I dropped in the footnote for details). The third stage is the Battle of Nodes!

What is the Battle of Nodes?

Battle of Nodes is a public event which aims to figure out the stress limits of Elrond testnet before mainnet launch namely Genesis in order to define bugs and attack vulnerabilities. In fact, Elrond encouraging its participant high elves to push the network as much as possible.
The contributors are here to deliver attacks to the testnet, to secure it against attacks or both. In both cases, excellent and fair conclusions can be made about how stable, secure and durable the network is.
By running one or multiple nodes, one can earn a great amount of ERD as well as a share from the reward pool of subjected to BoN. You see, this is a win-win situation for both the project and its contributors.
To create a bug-free, invulnerable mainnet, BoN will last a minimum of two weeks and it must be completed without failure. I think this reveals the extent to which Elrond approached the mainnet with delicacy.

I see people fancy good stuff, but they want it immediately. And they are worried that the Elrond mainnet event is somewhat delayed. But it should not be forgotten that there is a great project, an excellent team working meticulously and incredible potential. They deserve the biggest respect till the end.

Thank you for reading.

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hopelivescr — Elrond Community Member