DAO Maker’s Game Changer Tools — Part 1

Alright. I presume there’s nobody left who doesn’t aware of how successful ICOs and IEOs are and how much loss they cause their investors right after the launch in the short or long term. There are countless research and studies on this subject already done and results are nowhere near acceptable. The numbers are considerably serious and it is now clear to everyone that any funding system must respect its investor at the maximum level ever possible.

In this context, it is clear enough that the DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering) system, which I mentioned several times before, is the best funding system out there. The success of Orion Protocol, the first DYCO, confirms this clearly. We cannot thank the DAO Maker platform enough for providing such a system to us.

In this article, I will tell you about DYCOv2.0, the evolution of the DYCO system introduced by the DAO Maker platform. In addition, DAO Maker will implement some different applications. I will try to introduce them to you too. Be sure, these tools of DAO Maker are candidates for substantial profits for real crypto investors. Let’s start with DYCOv2.0!

DYCOv2.0: Next Level of Fundraising!

You can learn better about DYCO and DYCOv2.0 by reading the article I wrote here. But to TLDR fans:

All positive features of DYCO are preserved. What are these features?

USD equivalent token: You can sell most of the tokens you receive as an investment, back to the project over a 16-month period. This system, which saves you from serious damage with this buy-back chance, also gives the project team time for development, delivery and chance to prove themselves.

Mirror Flip: If the token price drops at least 20% below the price at which it is sold on DYCO, you can buy the token from this lower level and sell it to the project team at the DYCO price and compensate for the loss.

A new one has now been added to these two revolutionary applications!

The Toll Bridge: With the Toll Bridge system, DYCOv2.0 investors have flexible exit rights. So if he/she wants, he/she can sell all tokens from day one! Sounds a little speculative, right? But no! The Toll Bridge system, as it is called, requires a certain exit fee. And this price is set to be really high on the first day and 0 on the last day of token unlock schedule. In DYCOv2.0, 20% of the tokens you purchase are unlocked after TGE. During the next period, 16% of tokens are unlocked per quarter. But as I mentioned above, you have the right to leave whenever you want. Of course by paying a toll. You can see the toll rates below. Meanwhile, the toll you pay for is directly burned. It is both a positive move for the token value and a move that prevents major price movement for the market!

It is clear that DYCO was a very useful application for all stakeholders and now it’s even better!

This new and evolved form of DYCO is being executed for the first time on DAO Maker’s own token: DAO! While I’m writing this article, the second round of its sale is going on and TGE is close enough. I don’t need to add that there’s a massive demand for $DAO!

The Evolution of Social Mining: dTeams!

First of all, I should point out that social mining should never be confused with bounty hunting. In bounty hunting, one is more concerned about maximizing the reward he/she will receive. This is natural in any case but quite different when it’s compared to social mining. In social mining, one first tries to get to know the project named to be promoted with its pros and cons then contributes to the expansion of the project within a community. This accelerates the valuation of the project as well as letting people that contribute to the promotion. The very fundamental benefit of social mining is the construction of a solid community. Of course, the project choice of DAO Maker isn’t naive. They always work with great projects as you’ll realise later.

The keyword here is the “community”. I’ve been in the crypto realm for a fairly long time, and my personal experiences tell me that projects that don’t expand through a significant community are unlikely to succeed in the end. Almost all strong projects have concrete communities that are genuinely focused and convinced, and indeed this is the main goal of DAO Maker’s social mining system: To create an essential community!

Below you can see the projects that are DAO Maker’s social mining clients. And this image tells you something serious: Almost all of the projects involved in social mining operation have reached very serious levels. One third is listed on the most important exchange such as Binance, for example. And be sure, they all have well-established communities, thanks to social mining.

And now DAO Maker’s social mining software is also on the way of change. It will have two different offerings as of next year. The first is the permitted software with all the features active, and the other is the permissionless one that with it, any project can create its own social mining platform. This process, which will later realize the transformation of dTeams, will bring the effective approach of social mining to a much wider audience.

This article ends here but I’ll continue to write about and there’re some other innovations that I’ll talk about. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your time and reading.




hopelivescr- DAOMaker Community Member



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