DAO Maker’s Game Changer Tools — Part 2

Okay. Now I continue from the last article in which I mentioned about new DYCOv2.0 and change of Social Mining. In this one, you’ll learn about other handy applications like Reward Pool, Venture Bond and rSHO! Let’s start!

Reward Pool Comes with DAO Token!

I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Reward Pool is a system that is put into practice to feed the users of the platform and the projects promoted in the ecosystem. There is a pool of tokens from projects included in the platform and other liquidity providers, and it will distribute 0.5% of the assets it holds every day to the loyal participants of it. So, how can you be a participant then? The answer is, of course, staking of the DAO token, DAO Maker’s own token which is about to make its debut.

With Staking, you don’t only benefit from Reward Pool but also you have the right to vote in order to prioritize projects that are at the stage of being included in the ecosystem. And besides these, many more advantages await $DAO stakers.

The participation of projects in the Reward Pool is realized by taking advantage of the products provided by the DAO Maker platform. This can be in the form of using a fund-raising system from DAO Maker or compiling of a product that DAO Maker provides. Thus, the projects also get the chance to make their voices heard by a quite wider audience than expected.

It is such an innovation, self-sustainable and all-side beneficial!

Venture Bond: One Step Forward in Personal Finance!

The Venture Bond system is the reflection of the rapidly developing personal finance understanding of the DAO Maker platform. As a product and tool, it is a mechanism that will enable participants to exceed the earning rates offered in CeFi and DeFi environments without taking too much risk. In essence, it will be one of the main pillars of DAO Maker’s future benefits for its clients and participants.

Although the growth of the personal finance sector has increased enormously from year to year, its place in the total financial value is very low. In this context, it can be considered as being a part of a rapid-growing system as well as growing with it.

The basic logic of the system is to provide the necessary funding for the start, as well as to pave the way for individuals to make their own investments profitable under very suitable and low-risk conditions. At the same time, it is aimed to create the necessary funding for startups from the very beginning.

While entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to create public bonds, the public is given the opportunity to access these bonds, earn interest income from investment and manage their crypto investments correctly. A very important step for the DAO Maker and us, followers, indeed!

SHO Upgraded Version: rSHO!

Before explaining this tool, let’s talk about what SHO is. Because rSHO can actually be called an advanced version of SHO. Okay, SHO (Strong Holder Offering) is a funding system for projects requested by DAO Maker. After the project receives approval from the DAO Maker, it sets its own terms for token sales through which participants are required to be holding certain tokens for a certain rate or time. Or equivalent token value for a certain amount of USD. Participants who comply with these conditions have a chance to apply for token sales by connecting their appropriate wallets that holds the required token or USD to the system. Since the demand is regularly high, among the people who meet these conditions, the people who are entitled to buy the token of the new project are defined through a lottery-like system. The letter “r” has now been added to the SHO system I’ve described so far and the system has become terrific for the participants. What is the meaning of “r”? This: In its new form, it has become rSHO (Refundable Strong Holder Offering). In other words, if the participants are not satisfied with the progress of the project, they will be able to receive a direct refund of 80% of their money which they invest in the first place. If running is good, then everything is fine.

The execution of this system is provided as follows: 80% of the fund collected by the project is kept locked until a certain date with a suitable smart contract. If the project is successful by this date, it receives this fund when this certain time comes, otherwise, it distributes it back to the participants who demand a refund. The token value is increased by burning the tokens returned as a result of a failure. The 20% portion is transferred to the Reward Pool in any case.

In my opinion, with rSHO, DAO Maker has become a fully participatory platform! The extraordinary interest in the public sale of AnRKey, already the first rSHO, also shows people’s trust.

This completes my article series right here. However, I’ll continue to inform you about the developments as fast as possible. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your time and reading.




hopelivescr- DAOMaker Community Member



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