I wish there was DYCO then!

Do you know what this title is? What is it about? If you’re following me, you’re a crypto lover, and if so you must have heard of it. Because every crypto enthusiast knows that crypto must have a fund-raising system for the initiation, and more or less every crypto supporter has had a bad experience about this process.
Now let me tell you about my story which will help me explain why I put this title.

Hellhole of ICOs!

At the beginning of 2018, I participated in the crypto adventure while having that awesome bull season. With extreme enthusiasm, I was learning both the technical details and the financial aspect of the business. Of course, I also learned how crypto assets entered the market: ICOs! I listened to people’s experiences, learned how the system works, and finally, I decided to join an ICO. For this, I had to use Ethereum, the popular currency of the period, and I decided to deposit 1 Ethereum. I bought the ETH, sent it to the required place and bought the tokens needed to join ICO which is a major bank project. After that, steps such as the project launch and listing of an exchange would be taken (!). But? Those expected moves were not coming as the project roadmap indicated. Employing communication were always passed through distractions and political answers. After a very long wait, my investment finally started to be traded on the market. I experienced about 90% loss after the original enormous fall. But it was not important since somehow it was a long-term investment for me. I could wait. But at the end of this wait, I would not have known that the team would disappear altogether, there would be no communication method and that the outgoing money was actually blackholed. At the end of this period, my investment suffered another 90% loss after the first 90%, and roughly $ 1000 fell to $ 10. Now I keep those tokens as a souvenir :).

To be clear, I must say that this process has not changed much. ICO investments, which were profitable at first, later became the definition of stealing money. Replacing IEOs turned out to be the scenery that demonstrates obvious loss but this time, in front of your eyes.
However, there are great project ideas and if the fund-raising system is gone, then, these perfect ideas cannot be realized. Okay, what should we do?
The DAOMaker platform has developed a completely insured new system for this: DYCO!

DYCO is the solution!

DYCO is a short version of the Dynamic Coin Offering statement. The focus is on investor protection. To accomplish this, token sales are made, as fully backed by dollars. In other words, there must be a sufficient amount of money for each token to be sold. Also, participants are given the chance to “mirror flip”. Mirror flip is a system that allows participants to sell the tokens they buy below the base price to buy back at the base price. So even if the token price drops, you can profit. Perfect really! Besides, the DYCO project is responsible for these repurchases for 16 months. Therefore, the investor doesn’t need to be afraid of depreciation. Moreover, since all these processes will take place in a different number of stages, the volume will be created regularly and the project team will be allowed to prove themselves. There is no reason for people not to invest in an environment with such liquidity and volume. So DYCO projects will be great potential from the start.

Thinking about this, I’d still have 4 ETH in my wallet as the worst scenario, keeping the fiat value of 1 ETH I invested in! How does this look like? Bright? Too good to be true? Well, it is!

Well, everything is fine on paper, but where are these DYCO projects? Nice question. We are starting right now and the first DYCO project will be launched: Orion Protocol!
In essence, Orion Protocol will solve liquidity problem, eliminate the accessibility issues, and be a scalable and top-level secure crypto trading center. If we think that the liquidity problem will disappear as a result of secure funding through DYCO and if we think that Orion Protocol will only provide private keys that are accessible by only the users, everything seems to be in place.

If you are seriously looking for investment opportunities in the crypto universe, the DYCO system is for you. After all, who else can guarantee you not to lose for almost 1.5 years?

Thank you for reading.

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