Orion Protocol: High Benefits of ORN!

Orion Protocol: High Benefits of ORN!

For example, it allows you to trade at the most affordable price and also provides arbitrage chance. You don’t have to deal with various exchanges and trading platforms at the same time on multiple screens, just one is enough!

Well, what makes the heart of this whole system beat? Of course the platform’s token, ORN!

ORN Token

The token release was thought to be non-inflationary and even decrease over time.

You can examine the photo below for detailed distribution.

What are the Benefits to ORN Holders?

★ First of all, there are large staking rewards. It will now start at a 39% annual rate.

★ Those holding ORN will be able to access the specialities of the terminal. For example, access to useful tools while trading.

★ ORN holders will also be the first to access the features pointed on the roadmap and included in the platform.

★ And of course, ORN will be the only way to get a discounted fee for trading.

I suppose we need some preparation for the next alt-bull season. :)

By the way, it is also possible to win ORN. You can join Orion social mining campaign with Orion HUB and earn ORN by being beneficial to the community while learning.

Thanks for reading. I’ll continue to mention and talk about Orion and of course, stay tuned!

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