Orion Protocol: Next Big Thing in Crypto Trade

3 min readDec 17, 2020


Okay. I’ll continue to spread the word about the next big thing in crypto trade: Orion Protocol!

First of all, what is the Orion Protocol?

Orion Protocol is a completely decentralized terminal platform for crypto trade. It allows you to use CEXs, DEXs and swap platforms under one roof. So we can call it the next step in crypto trading.

What are the advantages of Orion Protocol?

✔ First of all, it is a completely decentralized platform meaning you are in control of all private keys of yours.
✔ It provides the best price for you from all trading exchange environments. In this way, you will have an arbitrage opportunity as well.
✔ You trade with a low fee and even lower slippage risk.
✔ With ORN, the platform’s own token, you can immediately benefit from all DeFi advantages.

ORN token

★ It is currently an ERC-20 based token.
★ It was the first of DYCOs and reached to an amazing success level.
★ Provides holder benefits to token holders.
★ The total cap is limited to 100 million units, and tokens that are buy-backed in accordance with the DYCO system are burned. Therefore, we can say 100m is the upper limit.
★ Brings advantages such as liquidity pool, lending, margin transactions.
In terminal usage, besides the chance to pay and discount with ORN, there is also the opportunity to earn from terminal fees by staking ORN.

This is another Orion Protocol brief introduction. Thanks for reading. I’ll continue to mention and talk about Orion and of course, stay tuned!

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