Orion Protocol: Staking Advantages on the ONE Terminal!

3 min readDec 20, 2020


Yeah, let’s continue talking about the Orion Protocol and its sensational features.

As you know, Orion Protocol is a project developed to change our trading habits for good. A great innovation that allows you to access the liquidity of all important CEXs, DEXs and swap protocols under a single terminal, find the best price and even provide arbitrage chance. I mentioned the platform before and the platform token ORN in the previous article. Now, our current stop is staking. So let’s start!

Staking on Orion Protocol

While Orion Protocol looks like a trading terminal in nature, it essentially represents an important DeFi initiative as well. DeFi initiatives, which will have a significant place in the future of crypto and even common finance, are essentially a framework that provides certain crypto earnings to its investors at the end of a certain period in return for a certain investment. Orion Protocol also offers its DeFi understanding to its users.

Liquidity Mining

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that liquidity mining is the cornerstone of the DeFi system. Orion Protocol offers you the opportunity to earn the platform token ORN in exchange for the DeFi tokens you invest in liquidity mining. While I was writing this article, the numbers were as shown in the photo below.


For now, the staking rate of return is 20% annually while CEXs such as KuCoin and Bitmax offer staking of ORN. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the opportunities and numbers will increase over time.


With the Delegated Proof of Broker (DPoB) system, you can be a part of the broker network through Orion Protocol software and earn profits through trading transactions.

This short introductory article ends here. Thanks for reading. I’ll continue to mention and talk about Orion and of course, stay tuned!

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