Orion Protocol: Strong Partnerships!

Yes, let’s continue. In my previous short article series, I gave you a general introduction about the Orion Protocol and then talked about its fundamental features and, of course, ORN token. Today’s post is about partnerships.

Orion Protocol Partnership Logic

When we think about the ide of Orion Protocol, I believe we understand how important the partnerships it will establish to reach success.

Let’s take a look at which strong partnerships it has right now.

Broker Partners

Injective Protocol

Injective, the world’s first layer-2 blockchain DEX, is one of the last year’s inspirational projects, just like Orion. Injective, which will bring you all the usefulness of a CEX within a DEX, is one of Orion’s important partners and a comprehensive partner for DeFi delivery as well.


KuCoin, one of the major CEXs, is in broker partnership with Orion. It is certain that an important step towards liquidity.


Bitmax, Orion’s first brokerage partner, is an exchange in a significant development process.


MXC, one of the foremost crypto exchanges, will also take part in the Orion ecosystem as a broker partner.

Strategic Partners


It is undoubtedly one of the best partners to be found for cross-chain applications. Elrond switched to its mainnet last summer which was a great success and has a great team to deliver as well.


Wanchain, which is one of the rooted and well-established projects, is among the partners of Orion. We can say that it is a great partner especially in swap protocols and security-related solutions.

Apart from these, there are many serious partnerships that I don’t have fair space to count here and until the terminal is fully online, this number will rapidly increase, and we will have a truly decentralized and incredibly useful DeFi environment at our disposal.

Stay well and see you next time!

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