Symbol Properties 1- Mosaic (Unique Smart Asset System)

have very clear observations for the blockchain and crypto world, which I’ve been in for about 3 years. I’ve encountered almost all kinds of positive or negative events, and seriously, as they said back then, the experience gained here is priceless. However, the most obvious thing, in my opinion, is this: A project with an extremely qualified team, brilliant idea and hard-working developers will surely advance and gain a permanent place for itself among all the other thousands of projects.

In general, I follow the projects with the features I mentioned above and invest in them. My opinion of crypto investment in the long or short term is always affected by those qualifications and I can’t stop the tendency of this.

One of the projects I’ve been following since 2018 is NEM. When it was first launched, NEM was a pioneering project, whether with the Proof of Stake (PoS) system or what it wanted to present to the world.

Now, it’s preparing to make a difference again by showing its guidance for enterprise blockchain solutions with Symbol chain. Why is this important? Because, in my opinion, enterprise activities have a very fundamental place in crypto-finance integration and their development is the most important fuel that will accelerate this integration. I think the current DeFi hype is actually the beginning of this.

Symbol will evolve NEM as a project that will make a distinction in this sense.

What Does Symbol Promise?

When NEM is transferred to Symbol network, it will turn into a project that offers enterprise solutions as a package. This transformation is expected to begin within this year. What opportunities are going to be at hand after? Speaking for Symbol, we should start by thinking about what it takes for an enterprise blockchain solutions platform will be granted.

Symbol offers a fast, scalable, secure and flexible infrastructure for enterprise users. Whether you need a private chain, public chain or both, it allows you to implement it perfectly. Note that particularly faultless interoperability is at stake here.

Now let’s come to one of the Symbol’s most interesting features.


Symbol will have a wide range of applications, but I think Mosaic is a feature that can attract crypto investors like me.

Mosaic is actually a Smart Asset System in essence, but completely unique. With Mosaic, there are many different types of assets creation possibilities.

With Mosaic, one can quickly and easily reveal applications we are familiar with from crypto environments such as the creation of tokens as your project requires, application of votes, distribution of reward points if it suits your plan, etc. All the fine-tuning details we need are also well designed. All useful features such as total supply control which allows to limit or expand supply, divisibility which creates the opportunity to define the division of Mosaic for decimals, restriction to set the rules are offered with Mosaic.

I plan to continue expanding the Symbol platform features in further articles and make it well known as much as possible.

For now, stay happy and healthy until the next article, and don’t forget to wear a mask and keep social distance within the scope of hygiene.

Thanks for your time and keep following for other pieces of articles!

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